Unleash Your Child's Potential: The Ultimate Virtual Interview Mastery Course

College applications are more competitive than ever. Every little thing counts.
When it comes to the interview, it’s one of the scariest. After all, there’s no edit button.

Introducing the Premier Digital Program, Crafted with My Experience:


As an Emmy winning former broadcaster, there are three things I know, how to deliver on camera, how to answer questions and recover when things go wrong, how to ask questions and how to weave the right story into each answer.

As a mother of three, and someone who has been hired after every interview she had, I’ve learned all the skills your student needs to master. Your child deserves the best. Let them benefit from the tools, techniques, and strategies I’ve honed over the past 25 years as an on-camera interviewer to excel in the virtual space.

Program Insights from My Emmy-Winning Experience:

  • Delivering with Impact: Harnessing my extensive on-camera experience to train your child on engaging confidently and memorably through the lens.
  • Crafting the Right Questions: Drawing from my anchoring background, I'll impart skills on asking insightful questions, showcasing genuine interest and depth.
  • Artful Answers: My decades-long experience has made me adept at answering on the fly. I'll teach your child to respond with clarity, poise, and conviction.
  • Weaving a Story: It's not just about answering but about crafting a narrative. I’ll guide them on integrating their unique story into every interaction.

Why This Course is a Game-Changer?

Distinct Edge:

 Let your child's interview reflect the finesse of a seasoned communicator, setting them leagues apart.

Practical Wisdom:

The skills taught are rooted in real-world experiences, ensuring genuine applicability.

Legacy of Success:

Drawing from a rich tradition of storytelling and communication, this course is a combination of tried and tested strategies.

Exclusive Resources from the Emmy Archives:


  • Playbook: worksheets and checklists 
  • Action Items for Key Components: How To Practice Yourself 
  • Quizzes: Let’s make sure you’ve got all your skills and knowledge nailed down

Endorsements from Grateful Parents and Students:


Empower Your Child with Emmy-Winning Wisdom Today!

Leverage the lessons from an Emmy winner’s journey for your child's illustrious future. Secure their success in this digital era!

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