VIQ For Business Owners: How to Crush Video with Kerry Barrett

Impress Your Audience Through High-Converting Videos So You Can Stand Out Online, Create Instant LKT, & Make More Money!

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Let's do some quick math:

95% - The average user remembers a message when it’s watched & 10% when it’s read.
64% - The percentage of consumers more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it.
49% - The rate of revenue growth from businesses that use video.
Campaign Monitor says email open rates can be improved by 96% if you add a video to the initial campaign.  Webdew says CTR can be increased by up to 300% by adding a video.


As a service provider trying to stand out online, how are your business percentages…compared to those above?

Digital marketing is seeing a rapid increase in popularity in the last two years with the use of video content at the top of trending sales efforts. This isn’t a trend that’s going away! 

It’s time to embrace video marketing, don’t be afraid of it!

Don’t be one of the business owners, coaches, consultants, etc. that is behind the times, and leaving money on the table due to a lack of knowledge and confidence. 

VIQ For Business Owners: How to Crush Video

After this self-paced course, you will be able to produce compelling videos that convert! No matter what your skill level, we’ll work together to:

  • Create high-performing videos that generate leads and sales on repeat.
  • Create professional-looking videos on a budget without high-tech skills or equipment.
  • Conquer your fear of video and delivery with confidence and ease.
  • Create personality-filled, authentic videos that captivate your audience.
  • Connect with your audience online & make more money.
  • Overcome on-camera fear so you can get out of your head, remove the pursuit of perfection, and have fun!

Trust me, I’ve been there.

 I’m a former Emmy Award-winning anchor turned leading marketing strategist and consultant. I have a passion for helping business owners, consultants, and coaches create compelling video products that grow your authority, visibility, and revenue.


I wasn’t always this confident, stand-out speaker. At one time I had a debilitating fear of public speaking. And it wasn’t a rational fear, it left me paralyzed by anxiety and insecurity. I worked very hard for many years to face this fear! After gaining confidence going on camera, I built a successful 20+ year career in the news business, speaking to an audience of millions every day and even won an Emmy®

I want to help you find your confidence, guide you along the way to break through your mindset issues, and cultivate what I like to call your Video IQ (VIQ)! 

We’ll work together to build not only your confidence, but your skills and knowledge of the latest trends in digital marketing and video creation, so you can cut through the clutter and place your business at the forefront! 



M.V.P. your VIQ! It's as easy as 1,2,3

Let me explain...

1. Mindset - Focusing on your mindset & confidence on camera is key. This helps you not only want to produce more videos because of your confidence but overcome online trolls and comparison syndrome because you know they will convert, no matter what others say.

2. Vocal Variety - Why is this important? We want to stay away from the "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller..." if you know what I mean. Not getting monotone on camera and being vocally vibrant will really shape your video performance.

3. Physical Performance - Make moves! Movement, showing excitement, facial expressions, & eye language all count when you're on camera. You've only got a few seconds to capture your audience, and physical performance is what will capture them in no time!

If you don't believe me when I say high-converting videos will help your business, maybe you'll believe my clients after listening to what they have to say...


How It Works: 

A self-paced course curated for business owners & service providers to gain confidence on camera so you can create an engaging omnipresence online, connect with your audience instantly, and make more money


Why Video Matters

You will learn:

  • Defeat Objections
  • The Importance of Showing Up Every Day
  • Dealing with Trolls

Who are You and Your Business on Video?

 You will learn:

  • Find Your Identity and Voice
  • The Heart of Your Brand/What’s Your Thing?
  • Who is Your Audience?
  • Writing your Mission Statement

Messaging and Content

You will learn:

  • Writing for the Ear
  • Why You Need to Read Out Loud
  • Finding the Right Messages and Content
  • Every Day in Small Quantity
  • Scripted or Unscripted
  • Script Writing


Learn how to master your

M= Mindset

V= Vocal Variety

P= Performance

  • Introduction & Mindset
  • Vocal Variety
  • A: Physical Performance and Factors
  • B: Non-Verbal, Expression, Hand Gestures
  •  C: Energy
  • Props
  • Using a Teleprompter
  • How to Dress on Camera
  • Practice Tips

Introduction to Corporate Video

You will learn: 

  • Orienting Yourself to the Studio
  • Considerations for Corporate Video
  • Video Conferencing and Interviews via Video Chat
  • Webcasts-Best Practices for Panelists and Moderators
  • Broadcast Interview Basics/Media Training



   Bonus Section!




How to create video for SEO

  • Easiest way to get your video found

Shooting Your Video: Aesthetics with A Purpose: How To's

  • Setting Up Your Studio
  • Basic Videography
  • Batch Content

Types of Video to Master

  • How To Repurpose Content
  • Testimonial Video
  • Mastering Live Video
  • Serial / Authority Content
  • Video Email
  • Product or Service Video
  • Masterclass/Webinar
  • Video Ads
  • Landing Page Videos- AKA Video Sales Letters (VSLS)
  • Video Funnels
  • Video Podcast
  • LinkedIn Video DMs
  • Vlogging


  • Basic Editing



Social Video


  • Optimizing for LinkedIn
  • Facebook / Instagram
  • Optimizing on YouTube


  • Finding the Right Story
  • Brainstorming and Developing with the Story Pine

Caption and Blurbs

  •  Profile Sections
  • Captions (ie- the text portion of your social post)
  • Transcriptions (ie- Closed captioning)

Next steps: Additional Practice, How To Get Additional Support and Accountability

Imagine This...

With the power of video & knowing what to shoot and exactly how to shoot it, your business will flourish. You'll have:

1. email sequences going out with videos, resulting in amazing open & click-thru rates

2. funnels and VSLs always firing on autopilot, getting you leads, and making you sales while you sleep. 

3. the confidence to shoot a video at any given moment, knowing it will help with conversions.

4. be able to stay ahead of your competition because you've mastered video.

5. the knowledge to not only create videos for funnels, videos, and ads but also for all social media platforms!

6. the skills to take control of this digital area so you stand out online & can consistently scale your business!

All of this is possible in 30 days or less with the VIQ Academy!!

"You know how you go to shoot a two-minute video, except it takes two hours, you hate your on-camera delivery, you don't know how to use the video, and when you do, it doesn't perform?  This course fixes "that*."

- Kerry CEO & Found of VIQ Academy


VIQ For Business Owners

  • 5 video modules of video downloads and worksheets to walk you step-by-step through the video process
  • Real, tangible and tactical tips you can use to get your videos up and running in no time
  • 24/7 lifetime access to the course so you can watch on your own time and review when needed
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • PLUS - Four (7) Bonus Modules: How to create video for SEO, Shooting Your Video: Aesthetics with A Purpose, Types of Video to Master, Editing, Social Video, Storytelling
  • & more!









Kate Conroy

Founder/President, Blue Feather Consulting

"Here I am doing a video testimonial, totally comfortable, understanding how to do it, where to put it, where it all goes, leaps and bounds. It's not an understatement to say that it changed my life. So if you're considering it, I highly recommend it. It's totally worth it."

Rosie Kosinski

Founder, Shattered Pencil Studios

"I had a vague vision but no experience on camera. I was nervous! Kerry’s course provided me with essential coaching for my video, public speaking and 1-on-1 interactions."

Dr. Jean Oursler

CEO Braintree Group, Inc

"I’ve always wanted to use video to promote my business but I was scared, Kerry helped me make it happen. She’s freaking great at what she does. If you want help with sales and biz dev, she’s your gal."

I’m your gal!

VIQ Academy: Giving you the confidence and skills to produce professional-quality videos for your business in order to gain authority, gain clients, and boost sales.
You will:
~ Understand the power of video to turn viewers into customers.
~ Become confident on camera, and present yourself to your audience in an engaging and compelling way.
~ Learn the step-by-step process to simplify video creation, no matter your skill level. 
~ Create videos for your landing pages, increase conversion and email open rates, and scale your visibility on social media.
~ Discover how to script, go live, host a webinar, and launch a masterclass. 
~ Learn to save time by batching and repurposing your content
~ Pick up tips, tricks, and trends in editing and creating transitions.
~ Use video in course creation for tiny offers and tripwire offers. 
~ Create video ads, funnels, webinars, and masterclasses that increase your bottom line. 
~ Dig into the origins of your on-camera fear, and get out of your head, so you can create videos with ease…and fun!
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VIQ for Business Owners

  • 5 video modules of video downloads and worksheets to walk you step-by-step through the video process
  • Real, tangible and tactical tips you can use to get your videos up and running in no time
  • 24/7 lifetime access to the course so you can watch on your own time and review when needed
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • PLUS - Four (7) Bonus Modules: How to create video for SEO, Shooting Your Video: Aesthetics with A Purpose, Types of Video to Master, Editing, Social Video, Storytelling
  • & more!








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