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The Ultimate VSL

This Ultimate VSL Training Bundle will help you Boost your Marketing Campaigns and Generate More Clients by creating and launching Automated Video Sales Letters.

With Kerry Barrett


Learn the art of crafting a high-performing VSL that will convert leads to customers on autopilot. 




And why do you need one?


A VSL (Video Sales Letter) is the future of marketing and something you have definitely come across multiple times in a week. 

It incorporates automation by generating clients and revenue all day and all night.

You don’t have to be in “client acquisition mode” 24/7…because a VSL is!

Digital marketing is seeing a rapid increase in popularity in the last two years with the use of video content at the top of trending sales efforts. Don’t get stuck behind in this digital era due to a lack of knowledge or skill when it comes time to create and launch a VSL. You don’t need to have high-end videos or tech skills to accomplish this.


What you do need to have is an amazing offer that will connect with the right audience, and inspire them to take action. 

If you can check those items off, then you’re ready to start your first Video Sales Letter.  

It’s time to embrace video marketing, don’t be afraid of it!


Download this mini-course, scripts, & templates and gain insight on how a VSL will:

  • Move leads along the path to becoming a paying customer while removing cold leads.
  • Create a human connection to your sales pitch with more insight into you, your business, and your services or product.
  • Minimize sales friction with animated and easy-to-access information.
  • Help to cut your client acquisition costs with automation.
  • Take your message and transform it into a high-performing marketing tool that works consistently in the background. 


A VSL can be used to replace you manually taking a sales call for a high ticket offer (over $5,000 price point), so is great for:

  • High ticket 1:1 Coaching or Consulting Programs 
  • High ticket Group Coaching Programs 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Any type of Agency Offer (like DFY Systems, Copywriting, Ads Agency, Outreach Agency, etc.)
  • All Service-Based Businesses
  • If you're actively running evergreen or live Webinars, Challenges, Masterclasses, and more
  • If you're using video on a Landing Page to ANY Digital Offer 

The Ultimate VSL Training Bundle:

What’s Included

Get $200 Off using code VSL47 at checkout! you will have instant access to Kerry Barrett’s informative video on how to create, produce, and launch an effective VSL, so you'll learn:

  • What a VSL is and why is it so important for your business if you’re selling a high ticket product.
  • How to position your VSL for higher conversation rates. 
  • Creating clarity in your VSL from your sales offer to the funnel process.
  • The tools needed to create a successful VSL in a short period of time.
  • Strategies on VSL pricing, content, scripts, and length. 
  • PLUS BONUS CONTENT: 2 PROVEN Plug & Play scripts for Direct and Indirect VSLs so you don’t even have to worry about what to say!

About Kerry Barrett

I am a former Emmy Award-winning anchor turned leading marketing strategy and consultant. I have a passion for helping business owners, consultants, and coaches create compelling video products that grow your authority, visibility, and revenue. 


I turn business owners into on-camera powerhouses and video creators, highlighting products and services without the need for high-level technical skills. 


Creating and launching a VSL is one of the best marketing tools in your business because, with automation, a VSL will do the work for you, leaving you more time to focus on running your business. 


Download The Ultimate VSL Training Bundle today and let’s get started!