The Pitch



You've built an exceptional brand with a captivating story to tell. But how do you ensure it reaches the masses?

Introducing "The Pitch" eBook - your ultimate guide to mastering the art of media outreach and securing invaluable exposure.

For just $17, you'll gain access to indispensable tools and strategies that promise to elevate your brand's media presence and drive meaningful engagement. 



Why Pitch to the Media?

Sure, you could invest in ads or start a podcast, but nothing beats the credibility and reach of media coverage. Learn how to target the right outlets and craft compelling pitches that resonate with their audiences.


Here's what you'll discover:

  • Strategic Targeting Tactics: Harness the art of pinpointing the perfect media outlets that resonate with your brand's essence, ensuring every pitch hits its mark with precision.

  • Masterful Relationship Building: Dive deep into proven methods for forging authentic connections with journalists, influencers, and media mavens, setting the stage for impactful collaborations.

  • Irresistible Pitch Crafting: Transform your brand narrative into a captivating tale that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression on even the busiest media professionals.

  • Powerful Communication Strategies: Nail the art of concise, compelling messaging that cuts through the noise and compels journalists to take notice and share your story.

  • Timing is Everything: Discover the insider secrets to perfect timing, leveraging seasonal trends, and seizing news opportunities to amplify your brand's visibility.

  • Social Media Savvy: Unlock the full potential of social media platforms like never before, using them as dynamic tools to engage influencers, spark conversations, and catapult your brand into the spotlight.

  • Nurturing Long-Term Partnerships: Cultivate lasting relationships with media insiders through genuine appreciation and ongoing support, laying the groundwork for sustained media exposure and growth.


This eBook is tailored for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals seeking to amplify their brand exposure and secure valuable media coverage. It's also perfect for startups eager to establish a strong media presence and individuals interested in mastering effective media pitching techniques. Whether you're looking to enhance your outreach strategies or learn the art of securing media coverage, this eBook is designed to meet your needs.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the secrets to media success. 

The Pitch eBook


What's included:

  • Strategic Approach: Navigate media with precision.
  • Targeted Pitches: Craft compelling, personalized messages.
  • Relationship Building: Forge lasting connections.
  • Effective Communication: Deliver impactful, concise pitches.
  • Strategic Timing: Seize optimal pitching moments.
  • Social Media Amplification: Harness social platforms effectively.
  • Proven Success Strategies: Learn from real-world examples.




Hey there, I'm Kerry Barrett, and I've dedicated over two decades to mastering on-camera media, public speaking, and video training. With accolades including Emmy and Telly Awards, I've learned firsthand what it takes to shine in the spotlight.

Now, I'm thrilled to share my expertise with you through "The Pitch" eBook.

If you're gearing up for a high-stakes media interview or want to ace your next sales pitch, this guide is your roadmap to success. 

Download The Pitch now and elevate your communication game to new heights!