5 Steps to a More Compelling On-camera Delivery AND 10 Ways Course Creators Can Use Video (beyond social) to Drive Sales, Grow their Audience and Increase their Authority

Are you a rockstar at making videos? 

Do you sizzle when you’re on screen? 

Does the camera just “love” you? 


If you’re this course creating unicorn, move along. What I’ve got you don’t need.  Seriously, scram. 


However, if you’re like almost every single person ever, I have a little secret to share about video. 


Most people assume that the opposite of good video is bad video. 


Most people are wrong. 


Bad video exists, but it doesn't get watched. Bad video is "off" video. It’s video people won’t even watch. 


In all my years in broadcasting, and now, when I work with my clients, I tell them that my secret to good video is avoiding what I call the “uns”. There are five of them. 

I spent nearly 20 years as a broadcast news anchor, reporter and producer. And yet I was terrified — terrified — of public speaking. You can take one guess at how someone afraid of public speaking looks on camera. Correct. Not good. 


You can also probably guess how many of the “uns” I used to do? Yep, all of them. 


It took a while, but I overcame my own insecurities to become an Emmy award-winning journalist. 


I know first-hand what makes a story compelling, and now I help course creators to make sure your message and delivery are on point.


If you're a current course creator or trying to create your first course...then you need to know which “uns” to avoid. 


Once you avoid the “uns” you’ll be your best self in front of your ideal clients (and gain some pretty awesome rockstar confidence, grow your audience, sell some courses, get noticed, etc.).



Download the checklists


These “uns” showcase how having an “off” message is the death of good video. 


And they’re so simple, honestly, I don’t know how they haven’t been talked about before. 


Because I like you, I’m going to let you in on what those “uns” are. 


And because I really like you, I’m giving them to you in both a video and digital downloadable form. 


And because I really, really like you, they’re both free. 

Are you ready to make sure your video is “on” - on point, on fire, on message and on brand so you can crush that course and convert those customers?

Get the 10 Ways Course Creators Can Use Video (beyond social) to Drive Sales, Grow their Audience and Increase their Authority 

 It’s crowded out there on the interwebs! And with little to no control over your own algorithm, how can you cut through the clutter and ensure your message and your courses reach your audience? 



I’ll give you a hint: it starts with V and ends with IDEO. Yep, video, the darling of all the channels these days. Video is not only how you reach your audience, but how you get them to trust you, know you and eventually buy from you! 


The average user remembers 95% of a message when it’s watched vs. just 10% when it’s read. In other words, prospects are more likely to remember your message via video ad than via image or text. 


If that ad gives a viewer a positive experience, it increases their purchase intent by 97%. Boom! 


Video builds trust. 


Video builds expertise.


Video builds excitement.


It’s kind of the holy grail for course creators.


I’d hate for you to lose out because you’re not using video to sell your courses. 

So, I’m going to share a checklist with all the ways you, as a course creator, should use video that perhaps you haven’t thought of (or haven’t tried) and some pretty impressive ROI stats to boot. Buckle up kids, we’re about to make it rain.

Download the Checklists Here!