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I used to have a crippling fear of public speaking. 

It was to the point where the very thought would send me into the proverbial fetal position, paralyzed by anxiety and insecurity.

So, how did I end up with a 20+ year career in the news business speaking to an audience of millions every day?


In this program, you’ll learn the exact methods proven to help you gain the confidence on camera you never knew you had, and build up your brand awareness online at the same time.



How to Create Your Business X-Factor with the VIQ Method

This is the Ultimate Action-Packed Self Guided Course + Group Coaching Program guaranteed to help you Gain Confidence and Build Brand Awareness on Camera.

Experience hands-on Guidance that gets you in action and supports you along the way with honest, live feedback.

Positive Results Guaranteed.

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The Program Features

  • 12 Power-Packed Weeks of Group Coaching 
  • Weekly Live Zoom Calls with Kerry
  • Fun Challenges that Get You in Action Every Week
  • An Accountability Partner Assigned to You
  • A Supportive Online Community
  • Access to Custom-Tailored VIP Content Creation Services and Offers 
  • Expert Guest Speakers

In this exclusive coaching program, you’ll learn:

  • How to show up with confidence and deliver on camera every single time
  • The secret to being consistent on social media video even if you're new to video
  • The opportunities behind your “mistakes” on camera
  • How I tripled conversions in my business while remaining tru to my authentic self
  • How to save time and get 3 videos out of 1
  • The easiest way to go live and start building your visibility through video
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Here's a Breakdown of the Program & What You Can Expect

1. The Mindset Shift for Camera Confidence

It’s time to stop playing small!

In this portion of the program, you’ll learn the root cause to why we shy away from putting ourselves out there, the power of online video today in your business, and my top secret method you can use to confidently face your fears on camera.

2. The Value of Performance 

The opposite of good video is not bad video; it’s the content no one watches. 

This week, you’ll learn what video is good for (and not good for), how to talk on camera in a way that inspires your audience to come back for more, and how to nail your delivery like a news anchor using my EPIC Video Blueprint. You’ll also get live practice and immediate feedback on your very own video scripts.

3. Discover the Perfect Content Creation Strategy for You 

Ever feel stuck when it’s time to create content? 

In this section, it’s all about knowing what to talk about on video, the best platform to show up online, and how to easily create content consistently month after month without skipping a beat. You’ll walk away with a content plan with a theme for each month of the year!

4. The Simple and Easy Tech Setup that Wins Every Time 

No need to stumble around anymore when it comes to all the bells and whistles of online video. 

This week of the program, you’ll be setup with the exact equipment to record, read a script, quickly edit and publish your content. You’ll also learn how to batch produce, create a professional background in your office and make a bad-ass intro clip for your videos.

5. How to Gain the Most Visibility Online with Your Video Content

Which social media platform makes the most sense for you?

This module will help you understand the best platforms for video, how to write captions that capture attention, the ultimate growth hack that generates the most visibility of your content, and other best practices that bring more exposure.

6.The Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Paralysis by analysis, over-planning, procrastination...

These and many more challenges are ahead, but after this week of the program, you’ll know what they are and how to avoid them. You’ll leave this portion of the course with new habits that will help you share video content daily, clearly demonstrate your value and ignore all the critics.


Alec R.

My performance is so much better than usual and I think it's because of how well you conducted the interviews.

Amanda D.

I was so nervous to watch myself but it's actually really great. I love it! [Kerry’s] passion and spontaneous reactions are so engaging and really brought me into the moment which made my delivery so much more engaging.

Precious W.

[Kerry] was engaging and helped me show how pitching is for everyone. No matter who you are! Watch clients and customers come your way because [of how] she allows you to shine!"

Kerry Barrett

Emmy award-winning broadcast news anchor, reporter and producer, turned public speaking and media coach and trainer, who helps others bring their stories to life with confidence and personality.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Communication Studies in Journalism from Clemson University, Kerry had no choice but to face her public-speaking phobia, head-on.

“I was not willing to let anxiety and self-doubt stand in the way of following a career that fueled my life’s true passion. Over time, with hard work and a splash of self-confidence, I didn’t just kick that once crippling fear to the curb, I turned it into one of my core strengths.”

She spent the next two decades in front of the camera as a broadcast news anchor, reporter and producer for a number of reputable outlets, including NBC, ABC and Fox, to name a few. In those roles, Kerry earned several notable accolades, including a first-place award with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), an Emmy Award in Breaking News, an RTNDA Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence and a Utah Broadcasters Association award.

In early 2019, Kerry decided to take my passion in a new direction. With that I founded Kerry Barrett Consulting, a full-service public speaking and media training boutique.

By enrolling in the program, you'll also receive...

A Copy of the Program Action Guide and Workbook

This easy-to-follow action guide and workbook is designed to help you successfully progress through the program and track your progress.

A Content Creation & Social Media Schedule Template

You’ll love this! All your content ideas planned out for the long term, so you can focus on what’s important in your business now.

Access to the The VIQ Facebook Group

Come and join this amazing community of like-minded professionals who are on a mission to make an impact in the world and are committed to sharing their message online.

[Bonus Training] How to Go LIVE on Social Media and Win

You’ll learn how to go live on social media and reap the incredible rewards for your business. You’ll walk away with live video creation ideas for your business and a strategy on how best to use it to increase brand awareness. 

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Your Investment

  • 12 Week Self Guided Course + Cohort Program
  • Weekly Live Group Zoom Calls with Kerry
  • An Accountability Partner Assigned to You
  • Customized Content Support Offers
  • Expert Guest Speakers
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Your Investment

  • 12 Week Self Guided Course + Cohort Program
  • Weekly Live Group Zoom Calls with Kerry
  • An Accountability Partner Assigned to You
  • Customized Content Support Offers
  • Expert Guest Speakers
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