$97.00 USD

VIQ for Students: Virtual Interviewing and Presenting


What you'll learn:

  • The science of camera setup – the perfect lighting, the backdrop that tells your story, and a polished appearance that speaks volumes. 

  • Optimize your performance – we'll unlock your authentic self, mastering voice modulation, eye contact, and the art of storytelling.

This course is tailored for students, job seekers, and professionals seeking to elevate their on-camera presence and communication skills.

What People Are Saying:

“While it’s designed for virtual interviews for college, the skills apply to in person internship interviews and job interviews. My daughter aced her interview and this program played a huge role in that”

Kelli S

"This isn't just another interview course; it's a masterclass in communication. My daughter now articulates her thoughts with a clarity I've never seen before!"

Mr. Silva

"When I learned that an Emmy-winning news anchor crafted this program, I knew it was the best choice for my son. His newfound confidence is palpable!"

Mrs. Hopkins