Lights On Fears Off: How To Crush it On Camera, Radiate Confidence, and Leverage the Lens For Visibility and Revenue

Are you ready to step out of the shadows and shine on camera? To leverage everything the digital/video/virtual stage can do for visibility, opportunity and growth?

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Are you...

  • Tired of not seeing results even after countless hours spent creating video content? Or afraid to even try?
  • Frustrated because you feel like you lack on-camera confidence?
    Checking out TikTok or YouTube, but end up in a sea of comparison and then feeling defeated?
  • Realizing some of the older established public speaking coaching brands aren’t relative to the digital and online era?
  • Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information?
  • Feeling stuck because you think you're "not cut out" for the camera?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this webinar is for YOU.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • The Real Culprit: Why it's not your fault if you've tried and haven't loved your on-camera appearance or performance.
  • Breaking the Status Quo: Learn why traditional business communication doesn't cut it on camera and what to do instead.
  • Beyond Keywords and Ad Dollars: Dive deep into why skills, confidence and charisma are where it all starts.
  • From Fearful to Fearless: Uncover the foundations of stellar on-camera performance and public speaking techniques tailored for video.
  • You, Unleashed: Learn how to translate your skills and knowledge into compelling video content that resonates and converts.


Why This Webinar?

You might've attended countless other masterclasses before. But this isn't the usual shout-out filled session. If my news life taught me anything aside from on-camera delivery, it's that I believe in delivering straight-to-the-point content that will empower you to finally embrace your fears, start your journey to on-camera confidence and leverage the lens.

It's about way more than the technicalities of video marketing. It's about making you a compelling presence on camera.


Who’s This Webinar For?

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, consultants and professionals wanting to harness the power of video for social and other marketing content, sales content and scaling message in the most efficient way..
  • Content creators seeking to increase their on-camera confidence.
  • Anyone who’s ever been hesitant or scared to step in front of a camera.
  • Individuals looking to monetize their knowledge through digital platforms.


Lights On Fears Off

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P.S. Let’s connect! After the webinar, let's connect on IG to keep the great ideas flowing back and forth. Follow me on @iamkerrybarrett.